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Style Libraries for KORG i-3 Series arrangers (without StylePlayer software)


The KORG i-3 Series K-I3-SL-01 Style Library is provided on USB Stick

Compatible with the following models :

KORG i-1
KORG i-2
KORG i-3
KORG i-4s
KORG i-5m
KORG i-5s
KORG ix-300

Style Library description :

The Styles in this Style Library are complete with Intros, Mains, Fills & Endings.

The Styles Cover Any Music Types / Genres and are ready to load into your Arranger Keyboard

"Jazz / Rock & Pop / Dance / Latin / Funk / 50's / 60's / 70's / R&B / Gospel / World Music …"

This Style Library contains more than 11000 NEW styles for your KORG i-3 Series & Compatible arrangers

The styles are organized with up to 4 users styles per .STY file (in native KORG i-3 ".STY" format) with their respective arrangements,

so there are no 11000 .STY files but YES there are 11000 Styles for sure.

No other seller provides the arrangements with the styles for KORG i-3 Series, this feature provides you easy style loading using the "Disk Load All" feature on your KORG instrument.

The styles are also compatible with the following models :

KORG i4s
KORG i5m
KORG i5s
KORG ix300

and KORG i-40 Series models :

KORG is-35
KORG is-40
KORG is-50
KORG is-50B
KORG i-40m
by the way for KORG i-40 Series we recommend this product.

The product is also compatible with KORG i-30 Series, by the way we recommend this product for use on KORG i-30 Series.

We provide detailed style loading procedures in French, English, Deutsch.

Our products are distributed via the PlanetKeyboard store go and check their treasure chest !

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