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Style Libraries for YAMAHA QY-700 sequencers (without StylePlayer software)


The Yamaha QY-700 Style Library is provided on USB Stick for your Yamaha QY-700 Sequencer / Arranger

Compatible with the following model :

Yamaha QY-700 Only (not for QY-20, not for QY-22, not for QY-70, not for QY-100, not for QY-300, not for QS-300)

This is a GOLD MINE for anyone who wants to expand its musical instrument horizon.

The Greatest & Biggest & Only - "Style Library" for Yamaha QY-700 on this planet, you'll find them nowhere else as we are their makers !

This Style Library contains more than 20000 NEW Styles for Your YAMAHA QY-700 arranger workstation.

The 20000 styles are composed by 10000 Styles provided in 2 variations / versions (standard & complex).

The styles are provided in .Q7P natively QY-700 formatted and loadable directly into your instrument floppy disk drive.

Complete Styles With Intros, Mains, Fills & Endings

The Styles Cover Any Music Types / Genres

"Jazz / Rock & Pop / Dance / Latin / Funk / 50's / 60's / 70's / R&B / Gospel / World Music …"

This style collection is provided on a USB Memory Stick, for transferring the styles from the USB stick to the QY-700,
you will need a PC or Mac Computer plus a USB Floppy Diskette drive (internal or external depending on your computer model),
you'll also need floppy diskettes too.

We provide detailed style loading procedures in French, English, Deutsch.

Our products are distributed via the PlanetKeyboard store go and check their treasure chest !

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