EXCLUSIVE! : New Yamaha QY-100 "Yamaha QY-70 Emulator" Style Library !


Today, we release a worldwide premiere : the "Yamaha QY-70 Emulator" for Yamaha QY-100.

Imagine if you could add a Yamaha QY-70 inside your Yamaha QY-100 ! Crazy ? Impossible ?

Well, we have made this possible and today you can purchase our "Yamaha QY-70 Emulator" for Yamaha QY-100.

The "Yamaha QY-70 Emulator" consists of all the 128 Internal Styles of the Yamaha QY-70 ported one by one to the Yamaha QY-100.

This product is delivered on a Brand New Toshiba 4 Megabytes SmartMedia Card.

Enough ? We added 170 new Bonus styles for FREE with this "Yamaha QY-70 Emulator"

QY-100 Style Library - QY100-QY70-EMU (delivered on SmartMedia Card)

You'll have with this product more than 10000 (Yes Ten Thousand !) new phrases to play with.

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QY100-QY70-EMU / Styles listing

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